Saturday, February 18, 2012

One of Those Nights

We have all had those days or nights when nothing goes right. For Barb and me, it seems that ours always happen on game night.

But sometimes, there's a spark that arrives that makes you realize that your problems don't amount to much. Such was the case on Friday night.

On a night when the Icers cruised to a 8-1 thumping over the Duquesne Dukes, nothing was going right in the booth. A wonky internet connection caused fits with the webcast. Definitely not what we wanted on Senior Night.

To add to the misery, both of us were battling head colds. No fun trying to do play by play while trying to keep the sniffles and sneezes in check!

Some much needed "pain relief" for us came during the first intermission in the form of a smiling and happy 5-year old named Colton Buckley.

Paul Daley, who has been heavily involved in THON activities, contacted me earlier in the day to ask if I could find time to talk to the Icers' Thon child. Gunner did not need to ask.

The Buckley family is one of the many THON families, but they are the Icers' THON family. It was such a joy to chat with Colton and his dad Denny about Colton's battle with leukemia. From what we observed in our brief time together, it is a battle that Colton will win.

Colton and his sister Madison took part in the shoot-the-puck contest, and after the game they were dishing and receiving passes from Steve Edgeworth for what seemed to be about an hour!

One of the unfortunate aspects of having just one camera for our webcasts is that we sometimes miss something taking place off-camera. Such was the case last night.

During our chat with the Buckleys, there was a proposal at center ice. Post-game, Colton had his picture taken with the entire Icers team, then got high-fives from everyone.

The grin on Colton's face lit up the building. Hopefully, it's a grin that won't disappear for many, many years.

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