Sunday, August 22, 2010

Icers Open Report

Despite the best efforts of Mother Nature, the 21st Annual Icers Open Golf Tournament went off without a hitch today, with 54 "golfers" hitting the White Course at the Penn State Golf Courses.

I've got to say, the day did not look like it was going to be a day for golf, at least at 5 a.m. Heavy rain that began overnight continued until Barb and I arrived at the course to set things up, but the worst of the weather moved out of Happy Valley before everyone began to arrive.

The rain softened the greens, inviting us to go for the flags -- too bad most of couldn't find the greens with GPS!

The soft and sometimes soggy surfaces made for some putts that needed a bus to get to their intended destination and some interesting shots and missed shots.

By late morning the sun started to peek through the clouds, the wind came up at times to add some interest and make club selection a challenge. It also helped to dry out the greens, adding to the putting woes for some of us.

After brutalizing the course, everyone enjoyed a lunch provided by the G-Man, some great friendship and laughter and a whole bunch of door prizes and awards..

There was some skill exhibited. Your on-course contest winners are:

Straightest drive: Jordan Fleming
Longest drive: Tim O'Brien (sorry Timmy, but you didn't hit a 400+ drive from the ladies' tee!)
Closest to the hole: Timmy (prize hog!)
Closest to the hole: Brian Dolan (just 4 feet closer than your humble scribe)

The O'Brien/Dolan foursome (Tim Sr. & Jr. and Brian Sr. & Jr.) took the low net award, while the low gross foursome was.....

WAIT FOR IT.......

Clark Dexter, Joe Battista, some duffer named Penstone, and Mario Lemieux, who came disguised as JoeBa's son Ryan. Ryan drained a 25-foot putt after the rest of us missed our chances for birdie!

Thanks to all of the golfers for their generosity that will help to support the team in the upcoming season. A very special thank you to the volunteers for making this event another successful Icers Open.

And finally, thanks to Barb for capturing some of today's finer shots on video -- video that will no doubt never make it to the Golf Channel!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ready to Roll

Rodney Martin and your humble correspondent dropped by the hockey offices today to meet new Assistant Coach Josh Hand. Josh is still getting settled into Hockey Valley, but he's hit the ground running.

Rodney and I are looking forward to working closely with Josh, who already has a lot of good ideas about how to use the Internet to promote Penn State hockey and bring in new recruits.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Icers and Ice Cream

Thursday was a perfect day for a little ice cream, so what better way to satisfy a sweet tooth by helping a deserving charity.

Four Icers and Coach Balboni dropped by the State College Dairy Queen this afternoon to help long-time Icers sponsor and fan Don Boller raise funds for the Childrens Miracle Network.

This is another example of how the team gets out into the State College community to support sponsors, charities and schools.

The results speak for themselves, and are just as important in the big picture as the results on the ice.